Easter Retrospective 4 remote working teams

(Now in English version) free tool 4 agile remote workers in covid struggle to maintain retrospectives.

** The challenge **
Nowadays doing a remote retrospective in a fun way of doing, is challenging. Especially one that will create a learning and feedback culture! How can you do that?
** The solution: **
– The easter retrospective:
** Benefits **
– More engaged teams
– super fun way of learning
– feedback generator
– creating culture
– you can tweak the tool to your need
– works almost everywere (powerpoint)

Now we work from home, how can you manage a fun interactive retrospective in an online meeting? I made a solution: an online retrospective in powerpoint that you can use locally and share it to your participants. No macro’s and it works almost always in corporate environments. It looks like the fun M&M retrospective.
Share your desktop during an online skype/jabber/zoom meeting. Download the pptx and change it yourself to create your own version of it! Please test and share your feedback with me!
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Download here:

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